Vjosa Canyon

The Vjosa Canyon is a project shaped by the power of nature to create a new sustainable and harmonious development on the north central park in Tirana. Influenced by the natural beauty of the Vjosa National Park, the project mimics nature as a master sculptor that shapes the landscape. By taking inspiration from nature's sculpting process, the project aims to create buildings and urban environments that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. By doing so, the project resonates with the city natural setting and the scenery.

The Vjosa River, which has sculpted its canyon over time, is the muse of the project. The design seeks to replicate the river's natural process of sculpting the landscape in a way that respects the environment and promotes sustainability. The Vjosa Canyon achieves a harmonious integration of human-made structures with the natural landscape. Underneath the residential towers, a retail podium runs parallel to the boulevard and the Central Park.

The Podium, together with the hotel, and the conference centre, creates a canyon; a central spine along which runs a “Water Stream”, a linear gathering point, a playful centre for the activities, able to provide all the supporting functions needed by the Central Park and the local community. The Canyon is an open-air food alley, a buzzing centre for the entire neighbourhood, which is ultimately the real focal point of the project. PROGRAM DISTRIBUTION The Vjosa Canyon is a complex of 6 multi-storey towers that are closely located together. The highest tower is 125.3 m high with 34 floors. These towers serve various functions, from residential or office spaces to hotel, service apartments, retail spaces, commercial spaces, convention and exhibition hall. Five of these towers are connected with a five lower levels that have commercial functions and are connected to the cultural park below and the city vividness.

The upper floors are residential, office spaces and service apartments and hotel. The smallest volume near the public square is dedicated to convention and exhibition hall. AMENITIES The apartment neighborhoods are connected with amenity levels that offer places for a healthy and balanced residential living experience and encourage communal interaction. These spaces off er a curated lifestyle and an end-to-end experience for the tenants of the towers. Contemporary living defines home as an ecosystem of living- related amenities and services.

The top floors off er various aminities including pools with breathtaking views over the city, or meditation and fitness areas overseeing the new boulevard. GREEN CONCEPT The green strategy for our project reflects the natural Albanian landscape, like a vertical ecosystem; as the local flora and fauna evolve while changing altitude; from the canyons vegetation, the same way we introduce vegetation that evolves along the towers while climbing to higher levels. Starting from dense tree formations, to smaller plants and reach to shrubs at the highest levels.

This strategy respects the plants needs and offers a diverse experience to the towers tenants. The traits of this strategy enhance the local micro-climate, contributes to the water cycle and elevates the well-being of its tenants